Our song life belongs to us. It is not only the province of professional artists and musicians, but of every man, woman and child.  Just as birds are living their song life, so can we, each in our own unique way, free our singing spirit to soar.   -Michael Stillwater

SongLife offers opportunities and resources to support anyone reawakening to their inner music and creative expression. If visiting for the first time, welcome!  Here you can view the trailer and film, Beyond the Fear of Singing.


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“The fear of singing is a worldwide epidemic.
This exquisite film offers the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the cure.”
-Nancy Salwen, Author, The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program

For anyone ever asked ‘to leave the choir’- and also for those who never stopped singing- this film provides hope, inspiration and encouragement.  Beyond the Fear of Singing, a winner in four Film Festivals, is being seen in cinemas often followed by live singing, and is now available as DVD or for online viewing.

More Films in Series

You may also enjoy watching Shining Night and In Search of the Great Song, other award-winning films in the series created by Michael and Doris Laesser Stillwater.


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Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen

a man, an island, and music that moves the world

“A heartening rarity”– Wall Street Journal

National Medal of Arts recipient, most performed composer of choral music in modern times, and beloved of listeners, singers and students from around the world, the music of Morten Lauridsen has touched millions of lives.  In the first feature-length documentary of his life and work, Shining Night brings the viewer into the heart of his inspiration.


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In Search of the Great Song

Fifty voice.  Twelve countries. One question.

“Beatific” – CineSource Magazine

What is the Great Song?  This question was asked of scientists, indigenous elders, faith leaders, philosophers, authors, composers and artists-  with inspiring responses.  Filled with music, imagery and sounds of nature. together with innate wisdom, this film provides an authentic panorama of possibility as a common theme of hope echoes around the world.

Unlock Your Creativity

If you feel ready to emerge into fuller vocal expression, we recommend practicing with SongSourcing- The Art of Imaginative Songmaking.  Even a few minutes of SongSourcing can breathe new possibility into your imagination. It is an invitation to leave behind ideas of inadequacy around your capacity to create, and open to the transforming power of your storyteller and songmaker.


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The Natural Art of Songmaking


In this video, SongLife founder Michael Stillwater introduces SongSourcing– a fun, effective and creative approach for anyone to enter into the world of songmaking.


To venture further into the world of natural songmaking, participate in a Song Sanctuary seminar- or download the SongSourcing Trackpack and play on your own, with friends and classmates.



SongSourcing Trackpack
Audio Tools for Imaginative Songmaking


Dan Siegel, MD
author, Mindsight

“A wonderful tool for creative exploration”

Siobhan Robinsong
voice educator, Victoria, BC


An environment where one’s natural being can flourish, free from the inner critic, and where one can embrace the music of who they truly are.

An immersive experience in songwriting, intuitive songmaking, songleading and guitar artistry for those
wishing to enrich their musical pathway.

Singing together with others helps us remember who we are when we ‘get out of the way’, often resulting in a profound and joyful reconnection.


SongLife Chronicles

by Michael Stillwater

Enjoy a series of informative articles published in Wall Street International Magazine describing the journey of emerging from hiding one’s voice, a parallel narrative to the message in our film, Beyond the Fear of Singing.


In a smart-phone savvy, hi-def world, most of us are enculturated to watch and listen to extraordinary artistic and vocal talent. Whether through broadcast music or national singing competitions, public ears are trained to judge and choose the very best… (cont.)


After a lifetime of hiding one’s singing voice, the passage of ‘coming out of the cave’ is a personal journey often requiring profound courage and self-acceptance. If a painful memory exists – a memory of criticism about our singing voice… (cont.)


If our singing voice has been hiding for a lifetime, emerging can sometimes take an extended period of time to get adjusted to the new experience. Because our voice is not separate from us. It is connected to our sense of self… (cont.)

Programs on these pages facilitated by Song Without Borders co-founders and partner facilitators, administered through Inner Harmony.

A directory of independent programs and facilitators, including song circles, choirs and vocal coaching, is being made available to access singing opportunities in locations around the world.

Listen here to ‘Ocean of Love’, an intuitive song created and recorded by Michael Stillwater on October 7, 2018 in a singing event in Graz, Austria. The recipient, Ingrid, asked for a song to support her being a graceful companion to ease anxiety for her 103-year-old grandmother’s passage from this world.