The Master Class on Intuitive Songmaking provides tools, tips, and techniques in songwriting, spontaneous songmaking and guitar artistry.

Michael Stillwater brings over 40 years of wisdom and experience to help anyone ready to move forward in their musical life. His artistic gift for creating insightful songs in the moment has touched thousands of people around the world, and through the Master Class he reveals the inner workings of his uniquely inspired approach for anyone interested and ready to learn.

‘Re-writing the lyrics of our lives’ is a central key to the process, journeying with one’s own story in song.  With this practice at the heart, the parallel process is trusting one’s empathic connection to the ‘song recipient’.   Through the interactive SongSourcing method this approach is developed, and may be applied to reflecting another person’s story in song as an empathic healing and transformative art.

Together with Michael’s gentle, insightful and challenging encouragement, the mutual support and co-creative atmosphere which naturally arises during the Class provides a joyful field of possibility for all participants.

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Three MasterClasses, One Creative Impulse:

Intuitive Songmaking (a pathway of spontaneity) Link

Songwriting & ChantMaking (lyrics, melody, music theory, composition) Link

No Mind Guitar artistry (chord families, chord patterns, guitar styles) (Link)

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Forget your perfect offering.

There’s a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in.

from Anthem by Leonard Cohen