Our latest film project

 In spoken word, sound and music,
In Search of the Great Song explores and celebrates
the universal current pulsing through all life.


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Film Series

Our series intends to inspire the remembrance
of an underlying connection to the ‘Great Song’.


Our programs are interactive opportunities
for participants to reawaken to their inner music and creative expression.


Each of these resources offers support for reconnecting with what is meaningful in our lives, and to feel our connection with the Great Song.


Song Without Borders is made possible by individuals who feel resonant with our works, and wish to participate in furthering our projects.


About Us

Meet the people of Song Without Borders.

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Song Without Borders

To contact send email or write:

Song Without Borders c/o Michael Stillwater
3 Monroe Parkway Suite P #231
Lake Oswego, OR 97035, USA

In Europe:
Michael Stillwater
Erlenstr. 11
8753 Mollis, Switzerland

Song Without Borders is an inspirational arts education project of
Living Bridges, a 501 (c)3 organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico,
supporting sustainability in healthcare and hospice through education and the arts.