Our song life belongs to us. It is not only the province of professional artists and musicians, but of every man, woman and child on Earth.  Just as birds live their song life every day and night, so can we, each in our own unique way, free our creative spirit to soar.

-Michael Stillwater

SongLife offers interactive opportunities for anyone to reawaken to their inner music and creative expression.


Programs on these pages facilitated by Song Without Borders co-founders and partner facilitators, administered through Inner Harmony.

A directory to other programs, including song circles, choirs and vocal coaching, will soon make access to singing opportunities available in locations around the world.

Listen here to ‘Ocean of Love’, an intuitive song created and recorded by Michael Stillwater on October 7, 2018 in a singing event in Graz, Austria. The recipient, Ingrid, asked for a song to support her being a graceful companion to ease anxiety for her 103-year-old grandmother’s passage from this world.


An environment where one’s natural being can flourish, free from the inner critic, and where one can embrace the music of who they truly are.

A musical ceremony combining the transformative power of song and intuitive song creation together with the shared intention of participants.


Singing together with others helps us remember who we are when we ‘get out of the way’, often resulting in a profound and joyful reconnection.