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In a society where people are measured according to the prowess of their performance, early childhood criticism of the sound of our voice or comparing our expression to others may contribute to hiding our singing voice and creativity.

 Fear of singing has become a kind of silent, global epidemic.


Beyond the Fear of Singing explores the existential gap between ‘performers’ and ‘non-performers’, the healing journey of acceptance and emergence from hiding our voices, and a global grassroots return, both individually and collectively, to appreciation for our natural voice and unique song.

 “A penetrating and healing journey into the part of all of us that wants to sing”

 Alan Cohen, Author, ‘The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’


“You can’t resist singing, after watching this film. Highly recommended!”

 Nicol Matt, Conductor, Chamber Choir of Europe


Performers and ‘non-performers’ share their experience while vocal educators
from around the world invite viewers to ‘come out of their cave’.    


Mark Fox    •   Deva Premal & Miten   •   Jerry Jampolsky   •   Br. David Steindl-Rast
Whoopi Goldberg   •   Kay Pollak    •   Bruce Bough  •     Wolfgang Bossinger
Steve Quinn   •   Sarah Thule   •   Benjamin van Haeff     •   Susie Ro Prater   •    Christian Bollmann
Nick Woolsey   •   Helena Norbert-Hodges   •   Chris James   •   Susanne Goebel   •   Stephen Clift
Wolfgang Friederich   •   Siobhan Robinsong & Gettin’ Higher Choir

and 30 others

Hollywood International Documentary Awards (2018)

Official Selection:
Switzerland International Documentary Film Festival (2018)
Friday Harbor International Film Festival (2019)
Lift-Off Online Festival (2019)

Introduction to SongSourcing,
the art of spontaneous songmaking

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