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Since its beginning in 2007, people around the world have been inspired and re-connected to their inner music through the works of Song Without Borders.

Our first projects focused on the power of intuitive songmaking.

The Honoring recording (2008) features spontaneous songs recorded during empowerment ceremonies around the world; SongSourcing Trackpack One (2009) offers a series of background soundtracks designed for anyone to discover the joy of improvisational songmaking.

Our award-winning film series, initiated with Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen (2012), was followed up with our second feature-length documentary,
In Search of the Great Song (2016), incorporating footage of interviews, natural sounds and music recordings from around the world.

Current Project

SongRise: Beyond the Fear of Singing is now in development, focusing on the personal healing which arises from accepting one’s own voice. Our third documentary will incorporate interviews made with people around the world over the past several years together with new material. We invite your generous donation to help complete this project. Thank you for your contribution! 

Song Without Borders 

is made possible by individuals who feel resonant with our works, and wish to participate in furthering our projects. Contributions include interviews, music, event hosting, in-kind donations (such as film equipment, venues or food for events) and funding.

Living Bridges
of Santa Fe, NM, is the 501 (c)3 non profit fiscal sponsor and umbrella for Song Without Borders


We greatly appreciate those who have provided
funding for developing these projects, including:

Ursula Lamberson Straumann
Artist/Founder, Harmonic Fusion 
Ursula has contributed significantly both financially and creatively

Marion Weber

Tesa Silvestre
Social Innovator/Activist

Edward Anderson, MD
President and Founder. Nucleus Technologies, Inc.

Linda Vento, RN
National Healthcare Management Executive and Consultant

Morten Lauridsen
Distinguished Professor of Composition, University of Southern California

Rinaldo & Lalla Brutoco
Omega Point Institute, Santa Barbara, California

Toby Symington
Lloyd Symington Foundation, California

Theo Koffler
Founder, Mindfulness Without Borders